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Chigga What

Sunday, August 30th, 2009 Posted in General Life, Poker | No Comments »

I was just looking over my credit card statement to figure out where all my money went... when I noticed something I thought was interesting. I've filled up my gas tank 5 times that will be on my next statement. ...

Dexter Leaked!

Friday, August 28th, 2009 Posted in Poker | No Comments »

I've been rewatching the third season of Dexter and I just noticed that the first few episodes of the fourth season have been leaked onto the internet! Woo Woo! I'm definitely going to check those out after I ...


Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 Posted in General Life, Poker | No Comments »

Goals are an essential tool for poker players. Big goals, small goals, short-term goals, and long-term goals. Any kind of goal. Whatever works for you. I've set what I believe to be extremely modest goals for my first month. Whenever I'm ...


Friday, August 21st, 2009 Posted in General Life, Poker | No Comments »

My name is Joey Kanuds. I grew up in a Chicago suburb and just graduated from the University of Iowa with a BS in psychology. I'm moving to Gainesville, Fl to start the next chapter in my life. I pretty ...