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Slow Going

September 14th, 2010 Posted in General Life | No Comments »

Things have turned around, but not as much as I would have liked. I took a few days off to clear my head and rethink my approach. I tightened up a little bit to around 19/16 and thus far I think it is going to be more profitable.

I just think I need to run really good for a couple days so I can even out the luck factor in my head. This week I’ve been on par as far as EV is concerned. However, I’ve been set over set again, and I’ve been two outtered a handful of times where the last dollars went in after the suckout. So those don’t show up on the EV.


I’m pleased with my volume because even after taking four days off I’m at around 20k hands this month. My eyes just really hurt right now so I need to look away from my screen for a while. GL ME!

Rough Start

September 7th, 2010 Posted in Poker | No Comments »

The first week hasn’t gone quite as planned. I’m off to a horrible start in every all around. I’m getting coolered left and right and even when I get it in good I get sucked out on.

Normally I’d spare you the details but I feel like sharing today. In my first 10k hands, I’ve run KK into AA three times and had the reverse 0 times. I’ve been set over set twice. And I’ve gotten it aipf with KK against 77 and 88 only to lose both. Those are the only ones I can remember without pulling up hands.

Ok, I just pulled up hands. Ten out of my biggest 12 pots were losers. That’s gotta be a good thing, right? Oh, and 18 out of the 21 biggest pots I’ve played were lost. That makes my insides happy.

The good news is that my last 5k hands were played positively and, even though I believe I was playing +EV the whole time, I think I got a couple more bugs worked out. It looks like I’ll be at 25nl for a while longer.

25nl RUSH

The Fedex cup is heading to Chicago this week! I wish I was home so I could go. Tiger is going to need to pull of something special to even make it to the tour championship. He for sure needs a top ten, maybe even a top five, just to advance. And he’d really like to win to get him into a solid position to win the entire thing.

Corey Pavin announced his captain picks for the ryder cup this morning. The only surprise was Fowler. I probably wouldn’t have picked him but it’ll be great experience for him and he loves Bubba Watson so I’ll be anxious to see if they’re paired together. It should certainly be entertaining!

Super Frustrating

September 3rd, 2010 Posted in Poker | No Comments »

Rush just means you lose faster, lol. I’m just getting crushed. I just had to institute a 6 buy-in stop-loss. I’m down 8 buy-ins in only 3500 hands.

It’s hard to tell whether you’re playing bad or just cold when you’re in the midst of a downswing. Especially when you’re making changes to your game, as I am. Are the changes what’s causing the downswing or is it just a case of bad timing?

I’m fairly certain that I’m playing well and the changes I’ve made to my game are going to be beneficial over the long run. First, I’m running 5 buy-ins below EV. Second, I’m getting coolered all over the place. I’m just a couple AKs into AA away from needing a new mouse. And I’m only one KK into AA away. And third, my red line is flat. So I don’t think I’m bleeding money.

Looks like I’ll be at 25nl for quite a while longer.

I’m taking a short break now to clear my head and watch some golf!

**Edit** I Just ran KK into AA for a 300 BB pot. Two hands later I have AcAs with four spades on board and an 80BB pot and my computer froze. I forfeited the pot.

Hello rock bottom. My name is Joey. Nice to meet you.


September 2nd, 2010 Posted in Poker | No Comments »

I made a desperate, last minute decision to switch to rush poker. In an attempt to regain some fun in poker I thought I’d try something new. And for the most part, it worked.

Rush is really fun and addicting. And there are a ton of positives to it. You don’t have to spend time or brain power trying to keep open however many tables you’re playing. Which is connected to my next point; You don’t have to table select. You’re already playing with all the available players. And it’s very easy to sit out and back in for bathroom breaks.

And as an added bonus, the play seems to be horrible! For months I’ve been wondering what happened to all the recreational players who only play one table and buy-in with 50bbs. Well, they’re all at rush! Granted I’ve only played 2k hands, but thus far rush has been everything I expected it to be and more!

I would like to throw out some goals for the month but I really haven’t given it much thought. Hmmm. And it depends on where I’m going to be playing. I started rush at 25nl to get used to the format and to continue to work on my new lag style. I’d like to move up this month. I’d put the goal somewhere between 40k-60k hands depending on where I spend my time. And I’d like to believe that I’ll crush any goal in that range. But we’ll see.

Although I have a renewed sense of excitement towards poker, my run bad is still in full swing. I finished today three buy ins below EV. I’ll post graphs and stats after I have logged more hands…

Back In Florida

August 25th, 2010 Posted in General Life | No Comments »

God it sucks here. Why does anyone live in north central Florida? If you’re going to live in Florida at least live near the coast.

So I’m back in Florida. Yay.

We’re pretty much all settled in to our new place, which is becoming really nice. And I’ve finally started to work out again.

But really I’m just bored and unhappy with life. I don’t know what to do to feel productive. I’ve been reading a lot. I haven’t started playing poker again, because I hate it. How anyone plays online poker full time I’ll never understand. It must really take a certain kind of person to enjoy sitting alone behind a computer screen doing the same thing day after day. After day. After day.

Oh, and someone stole the back wheel off my bike yesterday. So, thanks for that.